Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Things

It's funny how my parents keep saying how everything is "the first".."Maggies first car ride" "Maggies first walk in the stroller" "Maggies first real poop". Today was my "first bath".

I would say the experience was only ok. My mom of course freaked out about wheather or not the temparature was warm/cool/tempered enough. She also worried that the water may get into my eyes (as if I wasn't used to that after 9 months in amniotic fluid) and got mad at dad when he wanted to take pictures like I was some sort of show pony. Naturally, my dad calmed my mom down and I did indeed survive the bath. So much that I was quiet the whole time, cuddled up in my bath towel and fell asleep like the baby that I am afterwards.

There is a first for everything I guess. Maybe more so for my mom than me! :-P

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  1. Hon är så fin lilla Maggie! Allt låter väldigt bekant i denna text... hihii. Tänk att det ar samma för alla mammor, är det varmt, kallt??? Är hon ok..osv! Det är tur att man får in vanan efter ett tag!
    Ha det fint! Kramar från Paula & Selma