Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I love mornings..

So it turns out I am definately like my dad in the mornings..I LOVE to sleep in! Every morning after I eat, mommy puts me in between her and dad and I fall back asleep, although my mom keeps insisting to snuggle! I hope this morning ritual continues - It's the best!

Tomorrow we are leaving for our first family road trip, to San Diego. Its not very far and I am looking forward to seing my aunt Anki who is expecting a baby in July, so it will be my little cousin. My very first Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh, how life has changed for the better..

Mommy writing now...

I left Maggie alone with her dad for the first time last night. My former boss, who is also a very good friend, had a gettogether to celebrate her new career move and had invited the whole old gang of co-workers for happy hour. It felt important to go, but with extremely mixed emotions about leaving Maggie. But, the restaurant was around the corner from where we live and I had pumped for 3(!) feedings and her dad was with her. Everything should be juuust fine.

It was so nice to dress up, do my hair and put make-up on after 9 months in sweats and a pony tail. It felt great to be with friends and talk about non-baby stuff. I had half a glass of the most delicious red wine. It felt wonderful. For about an hour when I could no longer not think about Maggie. By that time I was in the car on my way home, my hands and whole body practically itching to see her.

I am so glad I went out and I am proud of myself that I did. It is important to have adult conversation and to stay social even though we have a kid now.
But it does not compare, and nothing does, to holding my daughter, kissing her forehead, smelling her skin and watch her sleep safely in my arms.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am being "Worn"

My mommy bought me this carrier. It's called the Ergo Baby Carrier and I gotta tell you, it is COMFY! Mommy initially wanted to wear slings and shawls, but her backproblems from when I was in her belly (caused by yours truly sitting on her nerves, hehe) came back after walking 10 steps. The Ergo is the perfect solution, as my weight is on her hips, like a backpack, and not on her shoulders. We took a 30 minute walk and I was awake for probably a minute or two as this contraption brings me right back to the womb! Fantastic!

My dear aunt Veronica in Chicago also sent me this wonderful gift that she made herself. It hangs right over my bed and I think it's super cute!

I can tell that mommy is getting more and more confident taking me out of the house. And I love the fresh air!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm growing!

I went to my pediatrician today, Dr Sachs. He is a very nice man and was extremely pleased with my growth progress. I now weigh 7 pounds and 15 ounces (3.6 kilos) and I am 21 inches long. That means I have gained 10 ounces and grown half an inch since I was born 17 days ago. Good stuff!

I also love the little traditions that we do on the weekends. Here is a picture of me and my dad watching SNL (Saturday Night Live) on Sunday morning and having a "gosa" on the couch. Gosa means cuddle in Swedish and it is my favorite hobby besides, of course, eating!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Things

It's funny how my parents keep saying how everything is "the first".."Maggies first car ride" "Maggies first walk in the stroller" "Maggies first real poop". Today was my "first bath".

I would say the experience was only ok. My mom of course freaked out about wheather or not the temparature was warm/cool/tempered enough. She also worried that the water may get into my eyes (as if I wasn't used to that after 9 months in amniotic fluid) and got mad at dad when he wanted to take pictures like I was some sort of show pony. Naturally, my dad calmed my mom down and I did indeed survive the bath. So much that I was quiet the whole time, cuddled up in my bath towel and fell asleep like the baby that I am afterwards.

There is a first for everything I guess. Maybe more so for my mom than me! :-P

Friday, November 13, 2009

I can't really write yet..

So I'll let mommy do it for now. I am exited to share with you my life and adventures, especially since my grand parents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends are spread out all over the world! This can be a way for them to come along and check out my life here in southern California with my mommy and daddy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009