Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am being "Worn"

My mommy bought me this carrier. It's called the Ergo Baby Carrier and I gotta tell you, it is COMFY! Mommy initially wanted to wear slings and shawls, but her backproblems from when I was in her belly (caused by yours truly sitting on her nerves, hehe) came back after walking 10 steps. The Ergo is the perfect solution, as my weight is on her hips, like a backpack, and not on her shoulders. We took a 30 minute walk and I was awake for probably a minute or two as this contraption brings me right back to the womb! Fantastic!

My dear aunt Veronica in Chicago also sent me this wonderful gift that she made herself. It hangs right over my bed and I think it's super cute!

I can tell that mommy is getting more and more confident taking me out of the house. And I love the fresh air!

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  1. Va härligt det är när man börjar känna sig bekväm med att lämna huset. Mysigt! Vilka fina bokstäver moster gjort!!!